Second Opinion

What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

I remember those terrible teenage shouting matches after his advice was ignored or not sought at all. My Dad has been my chief advisor for as long as I can remember – he is always honest and frank with me, and I know he has my best interests at heart. He, sometimes gingerly, passes on his experiences and words of advice to me like it’s his life’s work which, I suppose, it pretty much is. I have always turned to my Dad for advice on the decisions I’ve made, from homework to home life.

I’m not sure if this is necessarily because I don’t trust my own judgment, thanks to him and my Mum I think I have a good sense of what’s right and wrong and I’m a big advocate for trusting your gut feelings. I am usually confident when making decisions, but I love to talk. It’s probably the thing I do the most, I could talk for England.

And I think because of this, my life is in a constant state of discussion one way or the other. I have a non-stop dialogue with my other half either by text or in person, and I chat to my Mum almost every day. Advice slips back and forth on a daily basis, shaping all the decisions I make.

I do tend to actively seek advice, though, on anything to do with my son and his relationship with his Dad. From the beginning of his life, when my emotions were running high and any type of contact with his Dad was painful for me, I turned to my Mum and Dad for advice on what to do next. He’s got a cold, Mum, he doesn’t seem himself, should I let him go today? Is a whole day away from me too much, Mum? Do you think I should put an extra layer in his bag, just in case?

They have supported and advised me from the beginning of my very existence, and I expect I’ll turn to them for guidance and a second opinion ’til the end of it, too.



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